Welcome to Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc. (TUI)

I am pleased to have been recently named as president of TUI (Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc.) succeeding Dr. Ross whose efforts in advancing TUI sales and business model are appreciated. We at TUI will continue to foster and carry on our company's primary mission to maximize both customer and employee satisfaction in keeping with the vision of Tomoe Engineering of Tokyo, Japan. We at TUI will strive to produce the finest centrifuges and ancillary services consistent with this mission. Join me in our organization's quest for excellence.

In business for over seventy years, Tomoe is one of the leading manufacturers of integrated centrifuge machines in Japan. We ensure business using the philosophy, “Supply of advanced products in good quality and dedication to the society”, and we hold our integrity to such. While Tomoe Engineering Company has contributed to the development of the Japanese economy, our objective here at Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc. is to contribute to the development of all North American economies. We are a company that provides exceptional top of the line customer service and equipment. One great aspect about Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc. is that we pride ourselves on being a company that offers customization to best fit our customers processing needs.

Our rural location in Liberty, Texas offers a great balance for centrifuge sales and repairs for the Oil and Chemical fields. As you might imagine, our people are an integral part of our Company’s culture sharing in our mission and ideas. I believe in leveraging the abilities of our employees and investing in them, so that they can be the best that they can be.

Our sales and customer service personnel are expected to deliver knowledge as well as services. Our production personnel understand the need to manufacture the best products they possibly can. We are a company whose source for inspiration and motivation is our customers, and we deeply appreciate your continuing trust and support.

Bienvenidos a Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc. (TUI)

Cuando me convertí en Presidente de Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc., me sentí en la obligación de liderar esta compañía con los mismos ideales que habían sido implantados a la organización por el fundador de Tomoe Engineering Co., Ltd. TUI se especializa en la Venta y Reparación de Centrífugas, al mismo tiempo que soporta en sus dos ramas de negocios mas fuertes, Maquinaria & Equipos y Productos Químicos, a Tomoe Engineering Company.

Con más de 70 años en el Mercado, Tomoe es uno de los fabricantes líderes de centrífugas en Japón. Afrontamos nuestro negocio usando la filosofía, “Suministro de productos avanzados de buena calidad y dedicación a la sociedad”, y mantenemos nuestra integridad a tal. Mientras que Tomoe Engineering Company ha contribuído al desarrollo de la economía Japonesa, nuestro objetivo aquí en Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc.es contribuir asimismo al desarollo de las economías Norteamericanas. Somos una compañía que provee excepcional servicio al cliente y equipos de excelente calidad. Un aspecto importante aquí en Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc. es que nos orgullecemos de ser la compañía que mejor se adapta a las necesidades de procesos de nuestros clientes.

Nuestras instalaciones en Liberty, Texas ofrecen el balance adecuado para venta y reparaciones de centrífugas en los sectores de Petróleo y Productos Químicos. Como se pueden imaginar, nuestros funcionarios son una parte integral de la cultura de la Compañía, compartiendo nuestra misión e ideales. Creo en el aprovechamiento de las capacidades de nuestros empleados y la inversión en ellos, de modo que puedan ser lo mejor que pueden ser.

Se espera de nuestro personal de ventas y servicio al cliente que impartan conocimiento asi como servicio. Nuestro personal de producción entiende la necesidad de fabricar los mejores productos posibles que ellos puedan fabricar. Somos una compañía cuya fuente de inspiración y motivación es nuestro cliente, y agradecemos profundamente su continua confianza y apoyo.

Kazuhisa Sunako
Tomoe Engineering USA, Inc.


Newman Regency Group
(281) 980-7448
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(55) 11 9796 7662 - Paulo Riquelme
Rua Augusto Ferreira de Morais, 273
Bairro Capela do Socorro São Paulo/SP BRASIL
CEP 04763-000
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A Chibrascenter is a 100 % Brazilian company dedicated to manufacturing and maintenance of Decanter Centrifuges, also known as Super-D´Canters or just Decanters. Located in Sao Paulo city, Brasil, with over 26 years of existence, offers its clients a strong presence in the Decanter market, with guaranteed quality and after-sales support, with start-up and operations monitoring, and technical visits.
Country they service, Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela.

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PROMARSA, since 1988 has been a leader in the supply of process equipment and accessories for different types of industrial installations. Its beginnings were in the areas of drying vacuum within the chemical-pharmaceutical industry as well as the pumping of fluids with hard-to-handle viscosities. With the passage of time our company has added to its portfolio of products, premium quality equipment and accessories focused on specific industries such as pharmaceutical, food, biotech, beverage and petrochemistry, mainly.
They service Mexico.